We are a team of multi-dimensional creatives equipped with cutting edge knowledge in brand and experiential design.

Ok but—Why do we do this?

2020 forced brands to reconcile how they reach audiences, both physically and digitally. We believe this shined light on unseen opportunities, and believe better should be done. Regardless of your message, we can help you sensitively engage bold approaches that bring people together, no matter how far apart they are.


Think super cool sports brand activation with motion tracking on giant LED screens and lasers and stuff, but for any brand, and even cooler. Or muted exhibit experiences meant to engage while educating at the same time.


From building up a new brand and helping introduce it to the world, to new ways of integrating brand voices into a digital experience, or physical space. If your brand needs to say something, we can help you say it in the most impactful way.


We can help transport people onto the moon, turn their apartments into live concert venues, create a unforgettable pop-up space where brands can engage with consumers in an intimate setting, and so much more. Whether we are working with a physical or digital space, we got you.

Cynthia Zhu


Design Director


Myles Bryan


Creative Director


Cycymymy is founded by Cynthia Zhu and Myles Bryan. Our studio is based in NYC, but we work remotely with our staff and partners from all over the world. By collaborating remotely, as well as with top creatives here in New York, our collective teams have everything you need to take on a post-COVID19 world of reconsidered spaces and experiences.


Interaction Design

  • UI/UX
  • Interface Design
  • Real Time Spatial Fly-thrus
  • Web and Networked Interaction
  • Branded Apps and Software

Brand Communication

  • 360º Brand Campaigns
  • Digital Signage and Wayfinding
  • Design Consultancy
  • Linear Media
  • Web Design

Immersive Experience

  • 3D Physical Design
  • Motion Responsive Environments
  • VR Experiences Built in Unity & Unreal
  • AR/MR Using Hololens/Related Tech
  • Live Events
  • Lighting and Show Controls
  • OpenGL Shader Programming
  • Node.JS Support