Chubb 2022

Working closely with our partners at Product Inc., we helped realize Chubb's latest website redesign. Working across time zones with multiple development partners, we localized designs across numerous languages, breakpoints, and design systems, with a carefully curated library of modules ready for client hand-off at the site's completion.

We are a group of nerds equipped with cutting-edge design skills to create memorable experience in physical and digital spaces.

L'Avenue Shanghai

A wonderland of interactive and reflective snow globes takes over the mall space, each containing unique visual qualities. Some are complementary and beautiful, while others highlight sound and light elements, others can be interacted with or passed through for self-contained experiences. Our story brings that experience to life by designing customized larger-than-life globes with fantasy worlds surrounding the visitors within them.

Our studio is based in NYC, but we work remotely with our staff and partners from all over the world.

Xinya - Think Of U

We worked closely with our film partners in Shanghai, China to produce a VFX-heavy music video for an up-and-coming pop idol named Xinya. This process was unique in that we had to effectively build a whole new technical direction and production pipeline from the ground up to create something up to standard during the Covid pandemic’s most locked down time.

Our team is ready to design from concept to production for UI/UX, 2D/3D design & animation, and experiential design in physical or meta spaces.


We crafted a video for Greenpeace to help bring attention to e-waste from major cellphone manufacturers. From storyboarding to 3D scene design and animation, and ecological preservation close at heart, we highlighted the dystopian realities of a phone's afterlife once it is abandoned.